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How to write an internal communications plan

Internal communications – also known as employee engagement or employee communications – has moved on from the days of a tatty poster on a communal noticeboard. Nowadays, employees expect to be fully up to date with the latest on business strategy, vision, and objectives. After all, if an employee doesn’t know how their job affects business success, they’re much less likely to be engaged and productive.

Internal communications is the corporate glue that holds a company together. Done right, it ensures employees have pride in their business, are committed to achieving results, and are collaborative and innovative in their working practices.

To deliver a solid, strategic communications campaign, you need to have a solid, strategic plan (you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?)

Planning doesn’t come naturally to some people so you’ll be pleased to know that it’s actually pretty formulaic. (Once upon a time, I used to write eight different communications campaigns for eight different departments, all in one hectic, frantic week.)

In the download below you’ll find a few of the elements you should think about including in your communications plan.

(Remember, these plans should be living documents, not just written and put away in a drawer. They should be regularly reviewed and amended as your campaign progresses.)

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