5 ways freelancers add value & make your business better

Have you ever thought about why so many freelancers have cats? And no, it’s not only for the endless photo shoot possibilities. It’s because cats are independent, self-sufficient, and curious. Much like freelancers themselves.

There are many reasons that hiring a freelancer can add value to your business. Here are just five.

1. Freelancers work from home & aren’t on payroll.

Working from home has several advantages. Mostly, it means fewer overheads – no rent for an office space, lower travel costs, fewer capital expenses. The fact that your freelancer isn’t on your company payroll means you don’t have to think about things like pensions, taxation (aside from VAT), or insurance. These savings are passed onto the client. This means freelancers, while offering skill and expertise are, on the whole, a better investment than hiring a new member of staff.

2. Freelancers have flexibility

One of the key drivers of starting a freelance life is adaptability. One the personal side, there’s the flexibility of being able to rearrange your schedule around those day-to-day occurrences – doctor’s appointments, last-minute holidays (I wish!), or events during the day.

But that’s not the best of it – freelancing means professional flexibility as well.

Need a job finished over the weekend? Been given a tight deadline? Your friendly freelancer is your friend. Because consultants don’t tend to keep normal hours, they will be on hand to help you out when you really need it.

3. Freelancers have scale

A lot of agencies or larger firms can’t afford to take on smaller jobs – it just doesn’t make sense financially. A freelancer, however, can work on projects big and small. They can collaborate with other agencies or are happy to work on their own. They can be in the office or on the road. In short, because of their setup, freelancers get your work done to an excellent standard, but quicker.

4. Freelancers work with a number of clients

There’s a lot to be said for an employee who knows your company backwards, but sometimes you need an outsider’s eye. Yes, you’ve guessed it, a freelancer will be able to give you this perspective. A freelancer working in a particular field for any length of time will not only understand your business but be able to give insight into what other players in the sector are doing (within the boundaries of confidentiality agreements, of course)

5. Freelancers are loyal

One of the great things about being a freelancer is the fact you can, to a certain extent, pick and choose what you do. This means that once you secure a freelancer for your job, you know that they’ll give it their everything. Give a freelancer a job they love, and they’ll put their heart and soul into delivering for your business. What more could you want?

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