Who is Beaumont?

Beaumont is a dynamic communications consultancy based in Lausanne.
We’re leading a communications revolution by changing the way companies talk about themselves.

How we work

We like to think we’re a bit different from other companies (we know, everyone says that – but why not let us prove it to you?)

We want to help you tell powerful and human stories, free of corporate jargon, to

  • Engage audiences;
  • Drive action;
  • Strengthen and product your brand; and
  • Help achieve your business objectives.

Beaumont may be small, but we like big challenges. We’re quick, agile, and try to look at things from unique angles. We rely on a network of trusted experts to help you deliver on your communications objectives.

The core team

Imogen Hitchcock

Corporate communications and messaging expert

Imogen has over 12 years’ experience in the corporate world specialising in message development, corporate communications strategy, and communications training. Since founding Beaumont she’s enjoyed working with a variety of companies – ranging from Fortune 100 multinationals to start-ups. She’s passionate about storytelling, social media, the power of employee ambassadors, wonderful writing, rugby, and the Archers.


Elissa Bertot

Brand strategist
and copywriter

Elissa draws on 12 years’ experience in strategic communications, copywriting and marketing to help organisations tell stories that inspire action. A true word nerd, she combines strategy with creativity to develop messages and content that engage audiences across industries. Elissa bridges the gap between public and private sectors, working with corporations, non-profits, NGOs and social impact startups alike.

David Wheal

Media and communications
skills coach

David has worked extensively in the broadcasting world for over 30 years. He has coached hundreds of senior executives across a broad spectrum of industries in both stakeholder communications and presentation skills. He was a member of McDonald’s media and crisis management team for 15 years.

Deborah Menikoff

Content management and
design specialist

Deborah brings a wide range of skills to her work. She works on everything from ideas to content creation to website governance. She is dedicated to helping clients meet the communications challenges bought about by today’s fast-paced, multi-media world. She’s partnered with clients from many different industries tackling a variety of content assessment and strategy, social media and community management and site transition projects.

Our core values


Having the strength to lead the way, and the courage to adapt.


Saying the unsaid, and not shying away from asking difficult questions.

Solving problems

Focusing on outcomes. Setting clear objectives underpinned by robust strategy.


Building long-term relationships and using the collective wisdom of the crowd.


Trying new approaches and challenging beliefs and expectations.


Encouraging an insatiable thirst for knowledge.