Who is Beaumont?

We have a vision where every company can build trust and influence through effective communications.

The core team

What makes us get up in the morning? The thought of helping our clients reconnect with their purpose.

We’re not another big communications agency. We've been in your shoes. We know you need a team that's responsive, agile, and who can act as an extension of your team.

You want something unique, something bespoke. You want a team that's dedicated to honest and human communications, to saying what they mean and meaning what they say.

We are that team. We are your team. Come and say hi.

Imogen Hitchcock

Storytelling, messaging,
and employee engagement

Imogen’s mission is simple – she wants to change the way companies tell their story.

She believes even the driest corporate messages can be transformed into powerful, human-based stories, free from corporate jargon. She’s at her happiest when she’s using her experience to solve a problem. She is results driven and doesn’t shy away from asking the tough questions.

Imogen has over 15 years’ communications experience working in high-profile and fast-paced environments across both the public and private sector. She specialises in communications strategy and planning, message development, and employee engagement.

She loves social media, wonderful writing, rugby, and the Archers.


Amanda Pierce

Reputation, influence,
and leadership strategy

Former UK CEO of Burson-Marsteller, Amanda is known for one of the best “sniff tests” in the business. Fired up by solving complex reputation problems, she’s at her best when translating business strategy into effective communication programs.

In particular, she has specialized in designing and delivering global programs for the likes of Nestlé, Kimberly Clark, and GSK to strengthen communication skills - focusing on authenticity, clarity, and empathy.

She believes everyone has the potential to be an influencer & act as an ambassador. Just don’t challenge her to a boxing match – she’s fiercely competitive and loves winning!

Meg Stringer

Content strategy, communications,
and copywriting

Meg Stringer is a champion communicator. She particularly likes working with brands and causes who have complex business and policy challenges.

As a content strategist and writer, she excels at creating clarity out of clutter, resonance out of ambiguity, and messaging as mighty as our client's ambitions.

Writing has always been Meg's gift. She enjoys puzzling over ideas and crafting 'aha' messages which change perceptions and influence outcomes. Meg has worked for politicians, think-tanks, and one of the world's largest global communications agencies.

Elissa Bertot

Brand strategy, training,
and copywriting

Elissa draws on 12 years’ experience in strategic communications, copywriting and marketing to help organisations tell stories that inspire action. A true word nerd, she combines strategy with creativity to develop messages and content that engage audiences across industries. Elissa bridges the gap between public and private sectors, working with corporations, non-profits, NGOs and social impact startups alike.

Deborah Menikoff

Content development,
and digital management

Deborah brings a wide range of skills to her work. She works on everything from ideas, to content creation, to website governance. She is dedicated to helping clients meet the communications challenges bought about by today’s fast-paced, multi-media world. She's partnered with clients from many different industries tackling a variety of content assessment and strategy, social media and community management and site transition projects.